Online Resources

There are many internet web sites for ESL learners who want to improve their English skills. Some good sites to try are:

Dave's ESL Café at This website is very popular. It has activities to learn vocabulary, grammar, slang and much much more. It also has links to many other ESL web sites. at has many interesting sections for ESL learners, including listening, idioms, games, grammar, writing and TOEIC practice tests. There are also links to ESL Chat Rooms and a help line where learners can get ESL questions answered.

The English Listening Lounge at lets you listen to real people speaking English. Your computer system must have Real Audio.

EnglishLearner.Com at has a variety of activities and tests to help you learn English.

Spelling it Right at has lessons to help families improve their spelling.

Free English and Spelling Lessons at has lessons for learners at different levels of difficulty.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab at has lots of good listening activities at different levels of difficulty.

The Web English Teacher at has links to many different web sites and also has some lessons and activities on line.

The Ontario Settlement web site at has many links to ESL, settlement and citizenship resources and activities.