Information for Employers


Information for Employers

What is ACAS?
The Academic Credentials Assessment Service (ACAS) evaluates the education of individuals obtained abroad and issues Academic Credentials Reports that show how educational credentials from other countries compare to educational standards in Manitoba. This report is advisory in nature and is designed to support and facilitate hiring or admission decisions made by employers, occupational regulatory bodies and educational institutions.

ACAS is a member of the Alliance of Credentials Evaluation Services of Canada (the Alliance). The Alliance ensures that individuals have access to fair and credible credentials assessment services. Members of the Alliance follow principles of good practice that are consistent with international standards.

How does ACAS assess Credentials?

ACAS completes the following steps for each assessment:

Although ACAS reviews the general content of a program, the details of each course are not examined.

Statement of Comparison:
ACAS strives to ensure standardized and consistent assessment results. All assessments are based on a clearly defined methodology recognized both nationally and internationally. The general statement of comparison is achieved by utilizing a vast array of resources. When ACAS compares a program from another country to a program in Manitoba/Canada, ACAS is saying that the program is similar with respect to the status of the issuing institution, the level, length and general course content.

Why does ACAS use the phrase ‘generally compares to’?
No credential will be exactly the same from one institution to another. For this reason ACAS always uses the phrase ‘generally compares to’ because it is a more accurate indication of the fact that there will always be some differences in courses from one program to another.

Employment and ACAS:
Employers may use an ACAS assessment to help them understand the educational credentials presented by a job applicant.

Individuals may use an ACAS assessment to help them make decisions about further education and/or career planning.

How to Apply:
This service may be obtained by calling 945-6300 for an appointment.

The Academic Credentials Report is provided only to people residing in Manitoba. There is no charge for this service. Canadian citizens educated abroad, and Landed Immigrants with foreign credentials qualify for this service.

For more information, contact:

Manitoba Labour and Immigration
Settlement and Labour Market Services Branch
5th Floor – 213 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1N3
Tel: (204) 945-6300
Fax: (204) 948-2148