Placement Agencies

Job Placement Agencies
Placement agencies recruit on behalf of employers. Temporary and permanent positions are advertised. The employee often works directly for the placement agency. Some of these agencies will charge you to use their services.


Adecco Canada

All Star Jobs

Armstrong Day International
Executive and Professional Recruitment 

ASA Staffing Partners

BDO Dunwoody Executive Search

Drake International

Goldbeck Recruiting Inc
Specializes in the recruitment of Sales, Marketing & Operations professionals in Commercial, Industrial, Financial, IT, Wireless & Telecom industries in Canada, USA & China.

Kelly Professional & Technical Services

KPMG Executive Search

Labour Ready


Lock & Associates

Manpower Professional

McDaniel Executive Recruiters

Meyers Norris Penny Accounting Consulting



Personnel Management Group

Spherion Workforce Architects

The Alliance Personnel Group

The Harris Consulting Corporation

The Houston Personnel Group

The People Bank,